Android Studio - not able to start the emulator normally

0 Hays Chan · May 14, 2015
I am a beginner on Android, so is on other languages.  I have watched videos that Bucky uploaded on YouTube for some episodes.  However, I could not do what is in the tutorial on my computer.

I can't open the emulator like Bucky did.
And then, the following emulator pops out.
The ANDROID on the screen of the phone kept shining endlessly.
I can't even complete the simplest Hello World app.  Anyone help me ?
The emulator popped out without any problem eventually.
I followed the instruction of this Youtube video and it solved the problem of HAXM not working properly:
Hope this will help you guys.

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0 Muhammad Uzair Farash · May 15, 2015
same problem here  :(
0 Sebastian Salazar · May 15, 2015

I have the same problem, my emulator doesnt work and I get the same message. It has worked only once or twice, I think its because our computers are not "powerful" enough.
If someone has another idea or solution to our problem, it would be great.

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