+2 stephany sterlin · May 14, 2015
Bucky you should teach Bootstarp!!!

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0 stephany sterlin · May 14, 2015
i meant to say Bootstrap
+1 Batman L · May 15, 2015
Here some good Bootstrap tutorials for beginners made by an Indian guy "Lalit Bassi". I just finished watching this serie and I really like it.
0 stephany sterlin · May 15, 2015
 i thought i was the  only one thinking about it,bootstrap is cool. Also Thanks Ahmed i will go take a look now.
0 Sampan Verma · May 16, 2015
I though that it was pretty self-explanatory
+1 Batman L · May 18, 2015
Here is another great Bootstrap 3 tutorial:
0 stephany sterlin · May 19, 2015
Thanks so much this will really help me
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