Rendering Problem when a new project is created

+1 Kasun Siyambalapitiya · May 13, 2015
Every time I create a new project in android studio, this error comes,

Couldn't reslove resource @dimen/activity_horizontal_margin(4 similar errors not shown)

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0 xenofon karidis · June 20, 2015
you have to set the SDK to can u set this as default..?? because evrytime i make a project the sdk is default 22..any ideas???
0 Kasun Siyambalapitiya · June 19, 2015
0 Swapnil Srivastav · May 22, 2015

plz do a cross check with yout API level , I mean which API level you have
0 Robert Key · May 22, 2015
My AppTheme is Halo light but SDK ver is 22.
+1 Jeroen Kemper · May 21, 2015
Did you try to change the AppTheme or else the SDK version?
0 Robert Key · May 16, 2015
Did you guys get this problem resolved?  I'm having the same problem
0 Sengngy Kouch · May 15, 2015
Hey guys, Please print Screen your error, maybe I can help you guys out.
0 xenofon karidis · May 15, 2015
I have almost a same error....its about a class
says cannot resolve or something..!! avy ideas...?????
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