What are the best resources and ways to learn python?

+1 name family · May 13, 2015
#Challenge 2: learning Python

Hey again... 
please share your ideas about Python this time!  

What is the best way to learn Python. and how to do it ? 

The best answer (which means the shortest way with maximum result) will be shared on the page.
please say every thing about your way, including:
1) sources (include books, videos, sites ,etc.)
2) steps
3) time for each step
4) schedule for killing it ;P 
follow the page for more news about the challenge :

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+1 Tatrasiel R · May 13, 2015
Python is nice as far as saving time goes! I would make a web crawler that categorizes sites or make something that gets specific information from PE files.... Apparently, my needs are a little different.
+1 Stanciu Bogdan Mircea · May 13, 2015
run through  Bucky's tuts then imagine a project and build it! You will only learn when you start actually using it.

Python can be used for many services> web development, game development , maps, apps , pranks  ... 

So choose something you like then start googling it up 
+2 Colonel Panic · May 14, 2015
codeacademy.com...... plain and simple.
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