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0 Ed Hopper · May 11, 2015
I have signed up for your basic MySQL course. I am a complete novice, but have some layman computer skills. I am looking at starting a website similar to IMDB in type, though different content and much smaller in scope. But the general look and functionality would be the same.

I have a website for my art which I created and maintain using a WYSIWYG program. But once up there are only minor changes to the pages, which i can do by reworking and uploading them again.

But for this new one I am informed that MySQL would be the way to go because it would entail databases. I was also told that WordPress would be the easiest route. Does PhpMyAdmin work with WordPress or are they different options for the same thing?

The Web Hosting site I use supports both.

Thanks for your reply.

Ed Hopper

I also wonder if using the PhpMyAdmin demo site for these lessons is worthwhile.

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0 Robert Dowson · June 3, 2015
Hi Ed,

Of course yes, Wordpress use MySQL database. So, when you registered wtih one hosting provider, you will be able to access phpmyadmin via your control panel. 
0 Ed Hopper · May 12, 2015
Thanks Dave,

I have come to the conclusion that my best bet is to simply use WordPress to build my site. It would be the most efficient way to do it.
0 Dave . · May 11, 2015
I am not sure how you could work wordpress into the project as I have never used it.. To me it is just a template to provide the website you already created with your WYSIWYG editor.

phpMyAdmin is used to manage MySQL databases it does not edit php files or code. it can generate php code from SQL queries which would only be mildly helpful at times. 

To manage a project like you want you need working knowledge of php, html, css, javascript and MySQL.
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