My laptop get heated up too fast. This is the main problem. I bought a cooling pad. Guess what? My cooling pad get even more heated. I want to do something.
Read ahead for the detailed reasons..........
First of all I had Windows 8.1 and then I switched to Windows 7.

Windows 8.1Windows 7
My Laptop didnt get heated.My Laptop is like |NOW ON FIRE|
My Laptop got heated when I played some game or software like unity3d and UDKIt gets heated even if I keep it still
Worked fine but sometimes graphics went wrong*.If I dont plug in my charger before the desktop screen appears, my graphics go wrong*.

*= My screen turns into black and white lines     {not the noise screen which comes on tv if we cut of the cable but it is similar to that}

SolutionWhy the heck my solution failed
Cooling PadIt itself gets heated.


  1. Cooling pad does not cool the laptop. It just doesn't let it get too heated. There is big difference in both the lines I wrote before. Cooling pad does not cool the laptop means you still can't play big apps. It just stops heating for sometime.

What is my problem?
How the heck do I stop my laptop to get too heated.

What do I have?
I have one more working PC but with slow speed. It is a desktop. I can also switch my HardDisk, RAM and Graphics card to desktop. I dont want to break apart all the stuff and I am bit scared of doing that. I have also read that laptop stuff dont fit in desktop motherboard.