How to create class files in Linux??

0 Shail Joshi · May 9, 2015
I am beginner in C++. I use Ubuntu so I use g++ compiler and not codeblocks. So I want to learn how to create class files in Linux? Thank you in advance.

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0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · May 10, 2015
When creating bits of codes of such magnitude, i suggest you use an IDE which makes it easier to manage your class files.

CodeBlocks is available in the softwarecenter.

creating class files is basically following the structure of how your files would have been structured when you use an IDE.

you have the project directory in which you create the header and cpp files with the main.

you just need to navigate to the project directory and execute the main.cpp file as you would have with a single c++ file.

This might not help in the long run as your programs get more complicated and robust, so just try and get the IDE .

Dev C++ works on linux too
0 Dol Lod · May 9, 2015
Class files can be created either in .cpp files or in .h files. You use either class or struct to create the class you want. 

I am not sure why you think it matters what OS you are on, but C++ is a language where the most common features are universal. There are some specific cases where the OS might matter for a particular program, but this feature is definitely not one of them. 

Just go through the video of how to create classes or structs. 
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