0 B B SINGH · May 9, 2015
how to download and run android programs...???
i want to download eclipse android program and run into my android studio 1 (the latest version)...
plz let me know,,,

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0 Troy Jones · May 27, 2015
I think he wants to know how to import the code into his IDE so he can step through it and evaluate it.

Ctrl + a
Ctrl + c
Ctrl + v
0 B B SINGH · May 27, 2015
i am sorry,,,
actually i don't know how to use github...
i just wanna download the programs from git hub... how can i do it???
0 Dwaipayan Chakravartti · May 11, 2015
Please can anyone upload a tutorial on how to use openshift ??? 

please it would be a great help. And also how to manage multiple accounts of openshift from a pc??
+2 Colonel Panic · May 10, 2015

  1. Your question makes no sense.  So I have no idea how to help you.

  2. You mentioned one technology in your title, and another in your question.  Do you actually know what your problem actually is?

0 Ian Arbuckle · May 10, 2015
I don't understand the question, as you mentioned Github as the title. I assume you may cloning an android eclipse project and importing via Android Studio?
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