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0 Ghufran Khan · May 8, 2015
Hi everyone,
I am watching bucky's C tutorial, in videos he mentioned he will upload the codes in this website. Unfortunately i am not able to find it, can anyone please tell me where is it?

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0 Suraj Gautam · May 11, 2015
I am also not able to find it... :( So sad no one is helping
0 Nikola Jeremic · May 11, 2015
here you go  :)  

0 Ghufran Khan · May 15, 2015
Thanks a lot nikola :)
0 maulik trapasiya · May 25, 2015
0 Arun Sivanandan · May 27, 2015
Hey guys  i have a confusion in variables and datatypes.

 That is, lets say for example ,you have a variable password and you have to store a uppercase and lowercase alphabet, number, and a dollar sign.

Here which datatype should i have to use?  
0 Suraj Gautam · May 28, 2015
You have to assign different variables for uppercase, lowercase , number and a dollar sign. You can use string for uppercase and lowercase, integer for number and so on. :)
0 Arun Sivanandan · June 11, 2015
Hey Suraj thanks for the advice man, i got it.:)
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