I cant work out what ive done wrong with my programme

+1 Alexandra Rasch · May 8, 2015
creating my first project with help from a book - but its coming up with about 20 errors - could somebody please help me?


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0 Alexandra Rasch · May 9, 2015
okay it was pretty stupid on my part - turned out that i had the settings wrong in visual express :/ oops lol
0 Sengngy Kouch · May 13, 2015
Hey there, 

My best guess is that you might open two .cpp files that are not related to each other in the same Project. 

I am assuming you are using Visual Studio from Microsoft.

The following is how to exclude your file from that project:

1. Right click on that xxx.cpp
2. Then choose "Exclude from Project".
3. Now try to build and compile your code again.

How to bring your xxx.cpp file back to the project: 
1. Right Click on the "Source File" 
2. Choose "add"
3. Then choose "Existing item".
4. now you can browse where your xxx.cpp file is.

Note:  You should only run one xxx.cpp file at a time unless they are related. ( Related means they are inherited, included, etc)

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