PHP framework survey

+1 0x13a _ · May 7, 2015
Hi there I am developing my own PHP micro framework based on MVC pattern. What do you think about your perfect framework ?
How the framework have to be ?
Vote for: My perfect framework have to be:

  • simple

  • customizable

  • complete

  • modular

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0 Mark Tan · May 12, 2015
Hi, i tried Codeigniter and Yii Framework. Both of them are MVC framework and currently i'm working on the Angular JS. 

I found that HMVC is the good structure to make everything loose coupling, modular, and scalable. 

Besides that, i think the codeigniter is available for HMVC too, not sure about it. 

So my suggestion is go for HMVC and CRUD generator. :D
0 0x13a _ · May 9, 2015
Hi there it is in Alpha release, I am writing base documentation. It will be available soon :D 
0 Mohamad Mirohamadi · May 9, 2015
Hi , I downloaded your framework , but how to setup it???
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