Sutible forum for Django 1.7

0 Tatrasiel R · May 7, 2015
Is there  suitable forum app for Django 1.7? I am really am wanting to not have to code every aspect of a forum (and not re-invent the wheel)

From this post It seems that LBforum is out of the question, as several parts do not support django 1.7 yet.  Is there a forum app that will support django 1.7?

I have spent time with misago and djangobb and it seems that they suffer from the same type off issues.

Misago 0.5 will not work with Django 1.7
as per

Djangobb was giving me problems with HAYASTACK and whoosh and I think that some of the modules aren't compatible with 1.7

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+1 Colonel Panic · May 8, 2015
I did not dig to far into this site, but it might help.
0 Tatrasiel R · May 9, 2015
Thanks ForkBomb! :) This is where I started actually. The good news is that I have djangobb more or less showing pages now. I need to work out a few bugs and I really am not liking the lacking documentation .  I have a few bugs to work out a starting with :

Django Version:
Exception Type:
Exception Value:
Failed lookup for key [forum_settings] in u"[{'False': False, 'None': None, 'True': True}, {u'csrf_token': , 'perms': , 'messages': , u'TIME_ZONE': 'UTC', u'STATIC_URL': '/static/', u'LANGUAGES': (('af', 'Afrikaans'), ('ar', 'Arabic'), ('ast', 'Asturian'), ('az', 'Azerbaijani'), ('bg', 'Bulgarian'), ('be', 'Belarusian'), ('bn', 'Bengali'), ('br', 'Breton'), ('bs', 'Bosnian'), ('ca', 'Catalan'), ('cs', 'Czech'), ('cy', 'Welsh'), ('da', 'Danish'), ('de', 'German'), ('el', 'Greek'), ('en', 'English'), ('en-au', 'Australian English'), ('en-gb', 'British English'), ('eo', 'Esperanto'), ('es', 'Spanish'), ('es-ar', 'Argentinian Spanish'), ('es-mx', 'Mexican Spanish'), ('es-ni', 'Nicaraguan Spanish'), ('es-ve', 'Venezuelan Spanish'), ('et', 'Estonian'), ('eu', 'Basque'), ('fa', 'Persian'), ('fi', 'Finnish'), ('fr', 'French'), ('fy', 'Frisian'), ('ga', 'Irish'), ('gl', 'Galician'), ('he', 'Hebrew'), ('hi', 'Hindi'), ('hr', 'Croatian'), ('hu', 'Hungarian'), ('ia', 'Interlingua'), ('id', 'Indonesian'), ('io', 'Ido'), ('is', 'Icelandic'), ('it', 'Italian'), ('ja', 'Japanese'), ('ka', 'Georgian'), ('kk', 'Kazakh'), ('km', 'Khmer'), ('kn', 'Kannada'), ('ko', 'Korean'), ('lb', 'Luxembourgish'), ('lt', 'Lithuanian'), ('lv', 'Latvian'), ('mk', 'Macedonian'), ('ml', 'Malayalam'), ('mn', 'Mongolian'), ('mr', 'Marathi'), ('my', 'Burmese'), ('nb', 'Norwegian Bokmal'), ('ne', 'Nepali'), ('nl', 'Dutch'), ('nn', 'Norwegian Nynorsk'), ('os', 'Ossetic'), ('pa', 'Punjabi'), ('pl', 'Polish'), ('pt', 'Portuguese'), ('pt-br', 'Brazilian Portuguese'), ('ro', 'Romanian'), ('ru', 'Russian'), ('sk', 'Slovak'), ('sl', 'Slovenian'), ('sq', 'Albanian'), ('sr', 'Serbian'), ('sr-latn', 'Serbian Latin'), ('sv', 'Swedish'), ('sw', 'Swahili'), ('ta', 'Tamil'), ('te', 'Telugu'), ('th', 'Thai'), ('tr', 'Turkish'), ('tt', 'Tatar'), ('udm', 'Udmurt'), ('uk', 'Ukrainian'), ('ur', 'Urdu'), ('vi', 'Vietnamese'), ('zh-cn', 'Simplified Chinese'), ('zh-hans', 'Simplified Chinese'), ('zh-hant', 'Traditional Chinese'), ('zh-tw', 'Traditional Chinese')), 'user': , u'LANGUAGE_CODE': 'en-us', 'DEFAULT_MESSAGE_LEVELS': {'DEBUG': 10, 'INFO': 20, 'WARNING': 30, 'SUCCESS': 25, 'ERROR': 40}, u'LANGUAGE_BIDI': False, u'MEDIA_URL': '/media/'}]"
Exception Location:

In templateĀ 

, error at lineĀ 7
(Could not get exception message)

1 {% extends 'djangobb_forum/base.html' %}
2 {% load pagination_tags %}

3 {% load forum_extras %}

4 {% load i18n %}
6 {% block content %}
7 {% autopaginate users forum_settings.USERS_PAGE_SIZE %}
0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · May 10, 2015
could be caused by several things..I think you sync the db again and run migrate too.. also check your to make sure the tuple  for urlpatterns is not  empty.
0 Tatrasiel R · May 10, 2015
Yeah I know . I was looking and I think I am going to be rolling back any djangobb changes. One thing I am really really not liking is how drastically django 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 change. 
0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · May 10, 2015
yea...the changes are normally really major changes.....same way I was having problems with cleaned_data now used as obj.clean().

I'm sticking with 1.7 for now
0 Tatrasiel R · May 11, 2015
I am hoping I can find a full detailed instruction list for installing a forum in django. most of what is seen is god awful.
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