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0 Reuben Ziru · May 6, 2015
Is there any video tutorial relating to linked list in C++?

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0 Michael Bradford · May 7, 2015
Bucky did do a tutorial on Pointers, I'm assuming you have some kind of homework where you need to implement a Linked List via pointers to show you how the stdlib collections work. 

If you search for Linked List on youtube there are some tutorials and Honestly I could do a tutorial myself / talk you through it on skype (captainbradfordj) if you need. 

The basic idea between a LinkedList is that it's going to be a class that contains a series of "nodes" [another custom class]

The node class should have a pointer (two depending on your implementation) and some other member for "data".  What your main class is going to do is daisy chain the node pointers to other nodes. That's the basic idea and it's a bitch to implement if you haven't done it before. 
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