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0 haresh parmar · May 6, 2015
there are two playlist for android tutorials which are created by bucky,
in first playlist there are 200 videos, and in another there are 77 videos,

first playlist:

Second playlist:

So now my question is that is second playlist worth download?
i have downloaded all 200 videos from first playlist, and also i started learning from it. so whats the major difference in second playlist? or its the same tutorial with just android studio as ide in background?
kindly give answer in detail

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0 Nicholas Eason · May 6, 2015
The one with more episodes is done in Eclipse, and is much older than the newer one, done in Android Studio. If you're going to use Android Studio, I recommend the newer one, Bucky covers some features that are pretty useful.

The older one, however, is actually done by Travis. It's done in Eclipse, and some things may be out-dated (I personally haven't watch it).
0 Sampan Verma · May 6, 2015
Bucky is a good teacher but I suggest that you should try Travis for a change.
He really goes very deep.
0 haresh parmar · May 7, 2015
0 Montana Braswell · May 11, 2015

  Sorry first time posting in forums so I'm not sure if I'm suppose to post this here. But, Im on the 3rd or 4th tutorial on Andriod App Development and when I was following the prompt to use the Nexus AVD manager and to hit the green start button. I got

emulator: ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration!
Please ensure Intel HAXM is properly installed and usable.
CPU acceleration status: HAX kernel module is not installed!

Can anyone tell me how to fix that? Thank you!
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