Someone please help me!!! :-(

+1 Carlos John · May 6, 2015
Hey Guy/Girls. i need urgent help: 

I have to do a word search application for an assignment due Thursday. 

1. First i have to read a .txt file with a story or information in it.
2. Then prompt the user to enter which word they want to search.
3.  If the word the user choose is in the .txt then it will show how many times the word is in the .txt file
4. If the word is not there then it will say something like " Word not found"

Can anyone help me please. Thank you so much

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0 Sampan Verma · June 11, 2015
May be use a an array! try using some of its function or just wrap a for loop
0 Oussama Fahchouch · June 10, 2015
I hope you have made the assignment..

You are looking for an inbuild function that you can use, do you know what functions are?
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