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+1 Sampan Verma · May 5, 2015
I am actually getting bored by listening again and again the songs. I want some real good music. List the name of the best music you ever heard-


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0 Sampan Verma · May 7, 2015
People really get this good song the wrong way. By good song I mean the song which you like. Not the ones I like because I know the songs which i know. SO I dont mind the listening to any song cause I have a lot of free time to waste by listening to the stuff people listen.
I will also like the type of songs which i can listen when i code.
0 Sampan Verma · May 7, 2015
I like your new name ??????(>??) Developer John (??<)?????? and his time I didnt forget to copy it here:)
0 Sampan Verma · May 7, 2015
Maroon 5 The Sun and Maroon 5 Sunday Morning and Maroon This Love are awesome songs
0 Developer John · June 5, 2015

I like with ups and downs. Have you listened Skyfall-Adele

Yes, but for my own good, I prefer dubstep and chillstep. 
0 Alan Johnson · June 4, 2015
Any song by breaking benjamin
0 Sampan Verma · June 4, 2015
0 Sampan Verma · June 4, 2015
The background music of Unity5HighlightReel is awesome. 
0 Sampan Verma · May 5, 2015
I found out the 

Maroon 5 - Doin Dirt
Maroon 5 - Animals
Maroon 5 - Misery
Maroon 5 - Lost Stars
Maroon 5 - In your Pocket
0 Ian Arbuckle · May 5, 2015
Bon Jovi - Lost Highway
0 Gregory Ballantine · May 5, 2015
If you don't mind screaming, you should check out Underoath, Close Your Eyes and Silverstein.

Otherwise, you some good songs to listen to are My Friends Over You by New Found Glory, Lost in Stereo by All Time Low, and Drake Bell (all of his songs are good, especially the newer ones)

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