Can anyone help me with this?? its my assignment, deadline in 24 hours T_T

0 Jeco Santiago · May 5, 2015

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0 Dylan Dawson · May 5, 2015
What are you supposed to do exactly?
0 Jeco Santiago · May 5, 2015
function to read the pay(at most 3 sets of data per artist

function to display each artist's weekly pay

function to display the number of artists whose pay are lower than the average

i have to show the data in array
0 Michael Bradford · May 6, 2015
I'm not sure if you ever got help but here's some input. When you pass arrays to functions there's somethings you need to know, 1: Array's themselves are not passed the pointers (you probably haven't learned about them yet) are passed to the function.
Basically pointers are what make a pass by reference, they point to a piece of data instead of sending the data itself.
Knowing this whenever you send in an array (or really a thing that points to the beggining of an array) you need to provide that 
function a parameter that will denote the total size of the array (trying to access something outside of an array will give you trouble). So basically if I were to start making a function like GetArtistHours() I would need to atleast pass it the two dimensional array (already containing the artists themselves but not the data for hours) and another variable with the max size of the last array.

In example

GetArtistHours(int 2darray[3][], int maxSize)

0 Eyeshield Rosalin · May 7, 2015
There's some algo printed in below left page already
All you have to do is create it.
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