Can someone solve this task, please ???

+1 Dusan Radic · May 4, 2015
Implement a class WebSite that have:
? data on the number of pages on your site and their total attendance;
? information on the maximum number of pages;
? Appropriate designers(constructors) who initializing objects of class should take into account that number is not higher than the maximum foreseen;
? function to compute the average attendance page of the site;
? function that will allow a change of the maximum number of pages of Web sites;
In addition necessary to implement a function that will be from a number(array) of websites with the lowest return
average attendance

Thanks in advance . . .

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0 Arne Magnus Lorentzen Ulland · May 4, 2015
Nobody will help you unless you give it a shot and then post your effort. 
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