Can Someone help me with my C++ Homework?

0 Crab Clap · May 4, 2015
Please I need help! Can someone skype or message me to help me with my h.w.?

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0 Josh Marko · May 5, 2015
I will try, add me on skype, if you want some help, or write to my e-mail:
0 Crab Clap · May 4, 2015
Thanks Josh I will add u right now!
0 Crab Clap · May 4, 2015
It's basically on functions and other stuff I am having issues with
0 Josh Marko · May 4, 2015
Yes, I will try to help you. add me on skype: ivan.benedek
0 Donald Trump · May 4, 2015
Like this, no. If you be more specific, maybe.
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