hi guys, 

I tried out the dice challange which is in tutorial 38 (rand functions)

i tried out to run it but it seems to have some issues, hope you guys can spot it

log points out in line 49-50 there is a warning (where the tests for if result_4 is higher equals or smaller to result_3) 

thanks in advanced, and a lot of appreciation for all what you do,


int main()
    char diceroll_1[20];
    int result_1;
    char diceroll_2[20];
    int result_2;
    int diceroll_3[20];
    int result_3;
    int result_total;
    char user_bid[10];
    int result_4;
    char answer_s[20];
    char answer_e[20];
    char answer_h[20];

    puts("write your name to roll dice");

    result_1 = rand()%6 + 1;
    printf("\nfirst one is %d \n", result_1);

    puts("write your last name to roll dice");

    result_2 = rand()%6 + 1;
    printf("\nsecond is %d \n", result_2);

    puts("write your age to roll dice");

    result_3 = rand()%6 + 1;
    printf("\ntherd is %d \n\n", result_3);

    result_total = result_1 + result_2 + result_3;

    printf("result is %d \n\n", result_total);

    puts("will the next toss will be higher,\nequals or smaller to the last toss?");
    result_4 = rand()%6 + 1;

    (result_4 < result_3) ? (answer_s == 'smaller');
    (result_4 == result_3) ? (answer_e == 'equals');
    (result_4 > result_3) ? (answer_h == 'higher');

    if(user_bid == answer_e){
           printf("great job ! \n")
    if(user_bid == answer_e){
           printf("great job ! \n")
    if(user_bid == answer_e){
           printf("great job ! \n")
           printf("wrong ! \n")

    return 0;