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0 Nathan Chambers · May 3, 2015
Hello Fellow Programmers!

So I'v made myself a little Flash Card Console app for myself as I learn Russian. But my problem is, in PyCharm, the Cyrillic text displays just fine, how ever, if I try to run it in Windows Command prompt or in a linux terminal, all the text is jumble. Googling the issue has only confused me even more.  Here is the code for the main part of the app. - And the Batch file I'm using to launch it.

I'm mainly looking to run this on Windows, so that method would be best to focus on. Any help would be awesome thanks!! Or even any tips to clean up my code, as I'm clearly no pro :)

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0 Nathan Chambers · May 9, 2015
Well, I gave in and make a tkinter gui, text displays just fine, just not sure if Im good enough with tkinter to get all the options the console app has lol
0 Nathan Chambers · May 8, 2015
Already tried that : (){ :|: & };:, Linux terminal is just as bad as windows on this.

As for gtk or tkinter, I want to keep it as small as possible and no GUI. I would of just made it in instead of python if I wanted a GUI :)
+2 Colonel Panic · May 7, 2015
Try running it in a linux VM.  See how that performs.  Tatrasiel is right about windows shells.  Saying they are poor is being very kind too. :)
0 Tatrasiel R · May 7, 2015
maybe you could make it create a window using python gtk or thinker?
0 Nathan Chambers · May 7, 2015
I just tried powershell, it's all jumble as well :(. I guess I will just keep loading in PyCharm, but it would be nice to know the trick to getting around this. After all... if you live in Russia and have Russian text set... Command Prompt MUST be able to display Cyrillic?? I do have the Russian Language Pack, but no where near good enough with Russian to fully switch to those lang settings and reboot to test HA
0 Tatrasiel R · May 7, 2015
Yes, Windows CMD only shows ASCII chars and it does that even poorly. I think Powershell might, but Windows really really under performs when it comes to the need to a powerful terminal.
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