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0 Mahmoud Abdel Ghani · May 2, 2015
hey Guys...please i need an explaination for this game called connect4 special the last two functions (Chech && Drop) please fast 

using namespace std;
void display();
bool check(int a, int b);
int drop(int b, char player);
char place[6][7];//available for whole program

int main()
for (int a = 0; a

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0 Franz Schmidt · May 2, 2015
Could you please upload your code on a website like and post your link in here.
the code tags are messed up and always looses or displays the code wrong.
0 Mahmoud Abdel Ghani · May 2, 2015
ok this is the code here you can repaste and copy it
0 Franz Schmidt · May 2, 2015
ok what exactly do you not understand?

The check functions checks the array for a winner if there are four in a row a col or diagonal.

The drop function first check wether the input is between 1 and 6 for the cols and check if the col is filled or not. then it from top to bottom of the row which the player entered if the field is empty or not. if it reaches a sign or the bottom it places the sign on the empty field before.

Hope the explanation is good enough:D
0 Andrew Richardson · May 3, 2015
At the top you need to include the library on line 3.
#include <cstdlib>
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