emulator problem

+3 prathu baronia · April 29, 2015
it's showing the below error ,i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the intel package but it didn't made any differnece.

emulator: ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration!
Please ensure Intel HAXM is properly installed and usable.
CPU acceleration status: HAX kernel module is not installed!

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0 Moises Rico · April 29, 2015
I have the same problem
0 Gayatri Patil · April 30, 2015
this problem might occur when virtualization is not enabled.
To  Turn on virtualization on your machine. For that. Goto BIOS  Make Virtualization Enabled. Now Start windows. Goto to the Extras folder of Android installation folder and find intel-haxm-android.exe and Run it. and now run your program
0 prathu baronia · April 30, 2015
thanx it worked.
+1 Matthew Adetunji · May 2, 2015
Hello. I tried this method. But I cant find intel-haxm-android.exe on my Android folder. Please help.
0 Devesh Kr · May 3, 2015
Its not gonna work if you don't have intel processor. ....
0 Onkar Mumbrekar · May 3, 2015
if you are using AMD processor then haxm won't work on your system......you can use genymotion as emulator...it is way more faster than default emulator of android studio.......

link for genymotion - https://www.genymotion.com/
0 Alex Wentz · May 8, 2015
I am having the same problem as the original poster.  I tried going into my BIOS but there's no option to enable virtualization.  I tried installing the genymotion but that also does not work.
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