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0 John Wang · June 29, 2014
So I have pretty much learned well have a solid basic understanding of Java, C, and C++. I want to utilize my time effectively and I wanted to know what languages or better yet whats aspects of computer science(which uses certain languages) are the most worth it to learn? LIke which areas of comp sci are booming?I'm finding many mixed reviews that why I would like to consult with you guys. So is advanced java worth learning like java database and network programming, applets, and servlets, c#,, php, python, ruby, all the other web languages, and etc. I know this is a highly general question but I feel college only teaches me so much and I would like to utilize my summer efficiently. By worth it to learn, I mean are most in demand  in industry and the trend these days, I don't wanna spend time learning something that is out of date and not that useful. Skill sets that could probably land me an internship or job. BASICALLY: what is popular in demand and won't go away any time soon that is definitely worth investing time into. Thanks. I value your input. 

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0 John Wang · June 29, 2014
Hello I am currently studying from this book Core Java Volume II Advanced Features by Cay S Horstman. and it covers topics such as Networking, database programming, XML, JDNDI and LDAP, Internationalization, and etc. I know Android uses Java but other than Android does Java still have a good job outlook in the future? P.S. What is your take on getting certifications when looking for jobs and internships, do certifications matter? Is and C# worth learning and is it widely used? I did research but got highly mixed reviews. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME. 
0 John Wang · June 29, 2014
Aight, thanks a ton man, looks like JavaScript is the way to go. I'll read up on Bucky's javascript tutorial. I did some research but I'm still kinda confused. After just learning pure javascript, what exactly are things like the JSON and AngularJS. Are they like extra add ons that will help us with javascript, or are they better versions of the javascript langauge. ?THANKS. 
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