oDesk or Elance?

+1 Bucky Roberts · April 28, 2015
Those of you who have used either oDesk or Elance, which do you prefer and why?

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0 Tommy C · May 4, 2015
I wanted to ask sort of the same question.

I still very beginner in programming but I surrounded my self with very decent people on the field. They asked me to try to find some small projects, which it will better for my learning, as the stuff they doing at the moment it's a bit complicated for me and obviously some extra money doesn't hurt either 

When I asked them about freelance websites they told me that usually it's hard to find a good deal due to the high competition, and in most cases is difficult to compete with them because the currency exchange, the same wage it can be a huge difference depending on where you live.

If someone has a better way to find some kind of extra work to do it remotely and it's kind enough to share it, it will be highly appreciated.

we are working with Python, Django and AngularJs mainly... just in case :P

0 Sampan Verma · May 4, 2015
oDesk haves a good variety where as Elance is type of professional.

if(odesk == c++){
     elance = JAVA

c++ and java, which i am referring to are console ones
0 Sampan Verma · May 5, 2015
oDesk has changed to UPWORK.
0 joseph king · May 5, 2015
I like to use oDesk  you can find some of the easiest jobs to complete even with no programming experience, And on odesk the clients contact you more.
0 nmelssx nmelssx · May 5, 2015
Bucky, I just want you to know that  I'm having a wonderful time trying to find your source codes in the 5170 pages of threads. HOW DO I FIND THEM?! 
+1 Abdullah Nauman · May 6, 2015
You could just register on both. This way, you can get jobs on both sites. 
+1 Nupur Garg · May 6, 2015
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