Hey guys, i am struggling with my vb homework. If somebody is interested solving the case and send me his/her sample then it would be big help. Really looking for your samples, send samples to my email: raimondpoiss@hotmail.com. Thanks

The case


 Write a program that will enter one sportsmans (like Robert Harting or Gert Kanter) on some discus throw competition six consecutive attempt results(in metes)

1.sportsmans every attempt  must be validated in the program:  results should be between 50 to 80 meters and after coma(dot 34.22=34,22) must be two numbers(0.12=0,12). If entered number don’t satisfy those requirements then it will give error message and ask for a new result.
HINT:  String functions indexOf(), substr() and length() might be helpful

2. Starting to insert second result program says:
This attempt length is meters,centimeter longer or shorter than previous attempt. See
If all results are inserted then program outputs the best and the second best result

3.   In point 3 described message “better/worse” must be output only then if sportsman have atleast one before that attempt atleast one successful attempt(NB! The first attempts can also fail). Outputting message must distinguish two situations: whether immediately after the last attempt result was positive or that attempt failed. In the last case the output message must be refined

That result is the last successful attempt result …