Do i need a website for my App?

+2 Adam Taylor · April 27, 2015
So i'm looking at creating a Instagram like app as a starter project just for family members to log into and upload family pictures too each other. Would i need to have a website created in order to store the pictures  or can i do it all within the app? Sorry if my terminology is way off. I'm kind of new to app development and trying top find out a few things before i get started.

I only ask as when doing a background on these kind of apps i noticed that Instagram has a website and didn't know if that answer my question or not.

I'm also wanting to get them to log in using their FB/Twitter/Google+ this a simple task?

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0 Adam Taylor · April 27, 2015
thanks Bucky, i'll have a look at what i can get. Would it be best to get this first before developing or does it not really matter?
0 Bucky Roberts · April 27, 2015
You don't need a website, but you do need a server with some kind of database where all of the users images can be stored. 
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