Hey Bucky,
                      Just like you said i spent some time on Grid layouts and here is my grids inspired by thenewboston.com:-


As you can see i tried to imitate home page and i couldn't do it in a single grid layout. 

ThE NeWbOsToN.Com is  one independent grid layout.

 Home,My Acc and others are second layout and Java,c# are the 3rd. 

I have two questions for you. 1) Is it possible to bring all of them under single grid?, like even after giving sufficient space between them like i did in above example.. (Or other possibility i can guess is we can use one grid layout and relative layouts for the rest)

2) In the component tree grid layouts are underlined and displayed as some error. My guess is we should give Resource name to each grids just like we did to Strings right??..

Thanks in Advance