Here are some icons you can use for your projects

+6 Bucky Roberts · April 27, 2015
I was searching for icons last night and found these:

Font Awesome - Free (really popular icon set)
Download -
Preview -

Google Material Design Icons - Free
Download -
Preview -

Pictonic - not free but they are my favorite

It looks like the Pictonic site hasn't been updated in a while, not sure what the status is, but the icons look awesome. Has anyone ever bought icons from them before?

Also, if you guys know of any cool resources for icons/graphics, let me know!  :)

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0 Bucky Roberts · April 27, 2015
They are awesome but I don't really like how the corners are kind of rounded for most of them. I prefer simple straight edged icons usually.
0 Sho Carter · April 28, 2015
Thanks Bucky, here are others:

- (used for quick development)

social media icons
0 Ruben Engelbrecht · April 29, 2015
My personal favorite:

Some custom icons and tons of icon packs.
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