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+1 Upland Cypress · April 26, 2015
Hello Bucky,

How are you? Hope all is well. I am currently trying to create a Twitter App which i have been given lately by a company as a hiring process. They have asked me to create a Twitter Application where we can Sign In to Twitter and Display the Feeds. However, I did check online for a few resources. I couldn't find any which suited my need. Some or the other use a readymade template. Copy the code from Github. I am not pointing out. I am just letting you know. NOBODY EXPLAINS THINGS BETTER THAN YOU. I really need some start to this project. I have less than a week to show them i can do it. Please help or guide me on this. 

P.S. I am writing this because the way you teach and explain everything makes us understand what we do! The others just make us do. There is no explanation. 
Thanks in advance. 

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0 Donald Genes · April 27, 2015
Check quora and search in the bar
0 Ian Arbuckle · April 27, 2015
I've never worked with Twitter APIs, just Google+. It's very difficult to find a tutorial explaining how it works as I literally had to work out how the Google+ API worked all by myself. It takes a long time to fully understand the code and concept behind it.

What I would suggest from my experience would be to have a go at understanding the tuts you've done and try implement it your way.
0 Upland Cypress · April 27, 2015
Hello Ian Arbuckle. Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I did read that we need OAUTH to get started. I have also generated the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. However, I did read many tuts. All of them just do it. Nobody explains it. I am not aware of what the workflow is. If you are aware of the workflow, please guide me. If you want me to read anything before i start, I would surely do..

Thanks in advance,
0 Ian Arbuckle · April 26, 2015
I assume you've done a bit of researching and heard of REST API?

What you need is OAUTH identification to get started.
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