Java Build Tools Comparison: Ant vs Maven vs Gradle

+1 Bucky Roberts · April 26, 2015
Which build tool do you prefer for your Java projects and why?

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0 Nickolas O'Neal · April 27, 2015
Hi Bucky,
I love Android Studio!! :) 

I've watched about 60% of your 200 Android Development Videos. I made a few games and published them on the Google Play store. I would love it if you could check this recently published one. Inspired by Bucky Roberts ;)

Have a nice day buddy!
0 Ian Arbuckle · April 26, 2015
@Usama tariq: Maven is a build processing tool that is commonly used in Eclipse and Ant is uses XML to build jar files as far as I know.
0 Ian Arbuckle · April 26, 2015
I discovered Gradle with Android Studio and never looked back. It keeps things tidy and hassle free.
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