+2 Vineet Nair · April 26, 2015
Hello, Iam New To C++ So Can u tell me that how are c++ gui applcations created

like chromium browser n all??

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+2 Homer Simpson · April 26, 2015
If you're new to c++ I'd recommend avoiding gui applications. If you'd prefer to run head first into a wall I'd suggest looking into Qt. 
+2 Tatrasiel R · April 27, 2015
Homer is right. QT is rather nice and isn't too hard to get used to. Not to mention, you can make your own gui with the graphical interface and then just program the connect to signal parts in.
0 Vineet Nair · April 27, 2015
Thank u for ur answers 

Actually can how was chromium browser made in c++
0 Mukul Chauhan · April 27, 2015

Link to QT Tutorials
0 Tatrasiel R · April 30, 2015
they probably wrote their own API. Also, in reality a browser is just a static web code interpreter with some fancy bells and whistles.
0 M .A.K · April 30, 2015
plus u can compile Qt for many platforms. even android and winphone now...
0 Matthew Cushing · May 1, 2015
You honestly need to start with the very basics of C++ before asking questions about creating applications that are a MUCH higher level.  You are really jumping the gun.  C++ is one of the most complex and difficult languages to learn (if not "the" most difficult and complex).  It's not as simple as asking how it was made.  There are A LOT of things that applications such as the chromium browser have going on. 
0 Neal Carico · May 13, 2015
Just start going through the beginner C++ videos first :) 
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