Hello! So about a week ago i decided to create a quick OS in visual studio using cosmos, what i did was take some of the EnvyOS code and modified it to my liking, i then realized that i needed the GLNFS.dll file from the project so i referenced to it. It kept giving me the "Could not load Assembly" error, and i spent many days trying to figure out why it gave me this error. It was not until the other day that i replaced the GLNFS.dll with a newer version(v1.1), this fixed the "Could not load Assembly" error(i believe), but gave me another error:

Cannot implicitly convert type 'GruntyOS.HAL.GLNFS' to 'GruntyOS.HAL.RootFilesystem'

This error occurs in the file "/UI/Boot/Mode.cs" which contains the filesystem. I understand the error because i am setting for the variable
GLNFS fd = new GLNFS((Partition)Device);

and then i try to make the filesystem.root equal this variable

GruntyOS.HAL.FileSystem.Root = fd;

But i do not know how i can convert this. I have tried looking for the soulution but many are old documentation and a lot have this code

(GruntyOS.HAL.GLNFS)GruntyOS.HAL.FileSystem.Root = fd;

bu this still produces the same error. How can i solve this problem? Thank you.