0 Franz Schmidt · April 25, 2015
I recently worked with codevision and i only got the student version which is free, but the code size is limited to 4kB.
I need a crack of the full version and i can't find any downloads in the web without malware :(

Can someone help me to crack it, please ?:D

greetings Franz

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0 M .A.K · April 25, 2015!MgkEyIRD!yOSoodGIVNSD3a0DI3abQNnK_nF8ZneSZ7SocL2oiy0
It's v3.12
by the way why aren't u using atmel studio?
0 Franz Schmidt · April 25, 2015
thank you very much m.a.k

the main reason why i use codevision instead of atmel studio is that we are forced to use codevision from school and i also tried to do things with atmel studio but  we don't use it at school and i'm way to lazy to watch or read tutorials.:D

But maybe i will begin start to experiment with atmel studio. Do you know any useful tutorials or useful books about atmel studio?
0 M .A.K · April 26, 2015

Look for his Avr microcontroller lectures 2012
he is teaching stuff from the ground up;
0 Franz Schmidt · April 26, 2015
thanks again will watch it for sure:D

And i have a little problem with your crack download the zip file is password protected do you know the password as well?:ermm:
0 M .A.K · April 26, 2015
It should be "" (without quotes)
0 Franz Schmidt · April 26, 2015
Thanks worked fine :D
I'm really in your dept, thanks man:D
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