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0 Dev Thakkar · June 28, 2014
Hey everyone. I am taking AP Computer Science next year in high school. I am looking to learn Java over the summer to reduce my workload over the school year. I have been using Buckys video tutorials on Java and I have got to the 8th tutorial. I really do think he does a great job in making the tutorials, however, I am starting to see that he does not explain some stuff or go into depth enough for some things. I am concerned I will have to start memorizing how to do things without really understanding it. I am looking for some feedback from someone who has watched all of his videos to see if it does develop a good foundation of java. 


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0 Dev Thakkar · June 29, 2014
Ok great, thanks.
+2 Michael Barrett · June 30, 2014
Also don't forget about the official Java tutorials, they are very in-depth.
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