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0 ariel bitan · April 23, 2015
After the android app development for beginners
tutorial is there another serie that continues
this abd teaches more complicated things?

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+1 Nicholas Eason · April 27, 2015
He JUST started the libGDX videos recently so of course there aren't that many :P
+1 Kuroodo Ditory · April 27, 2015
For anyone looking for more libGDX videos and tutorials, try these:


0 Kuroodo Ditory · April 27, 2015
Oh wow!

I didn't even notice this!

I'll look into them to see if I can get some insight on a few things (specifically the camera and view ports lol).

It sucks how there aren't that many videos on it though :l

He should do an all out android game development tutorial with libGDX (as in make a tutorial on how to make a specific game).
0 Nicholas Eason · April 23, 2015
Just checked, Bucky has like 8 tutorials for libGDX on android :P So it CAN be LibGDX.
0 Kuroodo Ditory · April 23, 2015
Can't be LibGDX.

LibGDX is game development Framework. Yeah you can make regular apps but....
0 Nicholas Eason · April 23, 2015
At the moment there isn't. That tutorial is fairly new, and the LibGDX (or whatever it is) videos are even newer.
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