what computer to buy?

0 ariel bitan · April 23, 2015
I need to buy a computer, but I only 
got $800 and I need the system to be windows.
anyone has suggestions?
thank you!:-)

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0 Sampan Verma · April 24, 2015
Rather tha  buuing a pc I will suggest upgrading an older one if any. It will be more cheaper and effiecient.
0 Dol Lod · April 24, 2015
Don't get Sony. 

That being said, I would recommend Lenovo if your focus is more on performance than battery life. If you insist on not using a MAC, at least Lenovo actually works. 

For programming, try for at least 4GB RAM and I3 processor with at least Intel3000 Graphics. I would also recommend having at least 256 GB to keep local applications and projects. 
0 ariel bitan · April 24, 2015
0 Christopher Howard · April 24, 2015
Really as you are just beginning basically any computer will work fine. Programming at the beginner level really doesn't exhaust a lot of resources. I have the bad habit of thinking to much about hardware when what is really needed is seat time. I got a Macbook Pro basically just because I like the Unix Kernel and the PCI Express SSD. The major bottleneck on most modern computers by far is the hard drive. I can run an entire virtual lab with several different virtual servers and a couple hosts without any problems. That kind of gets away from programming and into the IT side of things. I would recommend just getting something with at least 4GB of RAM and a decent HDD or preferably a SSD. All of which you can get for around $700 or less. 
0 ariel bitan · April 23, 2015
Laptop and it's a hobby
0 Seems Legit · April 23, 2015
Laptop? Desktop? Is coding your job? Your Hobby? It's necessary to know what power is needed
0 ariel bitan · April 23, 2015
0 Seems Legit · April 23, 2015
What are you looking for in a computer? Gaming? Programming? Professional or casual?
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