Should I continue to learn Java?

+1 Austin DeWitt · April 23, 2015
Hey, I am currently learning java  but i kind a realized that I kinda want to make video games, but the game engines that I want to use are all in c++. I am going to learn them both eventually, but should I just stick to java for now or would switching over to c++ be a good idea? or are there any game engines that work with java?

Any advice related to this question is greatly appreciated! Thanks!:)

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+2 Nicholas Eason · April 23, 2015
You could always make your own engine with Java ;P But there's always LWJGL, although I dont know anything about it. You might look into it.

However, Java and C++ are very, very similar. If you do stick with Java, learning C++ afterwords would be an even lesser challenge than it is now (assuming you are fairly new to Java).
+1 Kuroodo Ditory · April 23, 2015
LibGDX is good for making Java games. It has 3D support, but it mainly focuses on 2D games. So if you wanna make 2D games with Java, I suggest to choose libGDX (uses LWJGL).

I agree with Nicholas, learning Java makes C++ sooooooo much easier. But it's due to the fact that once you learn how to program, learning a new programming language is like learning a new chord progression after you learned to play an instrument. Some languages might have some more complex systems and ways of doing things, but it's still easier to understand.


Things you can do with Java:
- Make 2D games primarily
- Make Android/Mobile games & apps.

Things you can do with C++:
- Make 2D games
- Make 3D games
- Use many many many of the top game engines to make games

Oh I also forgot to mention. Unity uses C# as a scripting language. If you know Java, then you literally already know C#. 

Oh wow, hey Austin we meet again haha xD

Some of this info is already on the other post btw.
+1 Austin DeWitt · April 23, 2015
Thanks guys!! and hey Kuroodo! I made this post before I saw your other response, for some reason I didn't get notified that you replied to it, so I just casually checked it to see what the first guy said and BOOM! There your's was haha. But your response to my first question pretty much answered this question already and convinced me to stick with java and learn c# and then c++ stuff once the time is right! but any case thanks for the excellent response once again! haha:D
+1 Christopher Howard · April 24, 2015
If you already know Java then why not learn C++ as well. I was worried C++ was going to be difficult to understand when I got my Arduino. However, it is actually really similar in a lot of ways. Learning your first Object Oriented Programming language was the big milestone. Now that you can code in Java everything else should be fairly easy to learn on your own.
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