Should I learn C++?

0 Austin DeWitt · April 23, 2015
Hey, I am currently learning java  but i kind a realized that I kinda want to make video games, but the game engines that I want to use are all in c++. I am going to learn them both eventually, but should I just stick to java for now or would switching over to c++ be a good idea?
Any advice related to this question is greatly appreciated! Thanks!:)

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+1 Christopher Howard · April 24, 2015
C++ and Java are really similar. Why not learn both? The hardest part is learning your first Object Oriented Programming language. You can basically learn anything if you know Java. I realized this when I got my Arduino and learned that it is programmed in C++ I was really worried, but as it turns out they are both really similar. The only difference being that Java is a strong typed language where as C++ is not. 
+1 Tatrasiel R · April 24, 2015
I made this mistake of learning tons of languages at the same time. The problem is I get syntax mixed up often or try to do somethings in a weird way or people complain and say my code is C-like. The benefit is, I can work in almost any language and I see languages as solutions to problems. I think however, that this comes anyway with experience. I'd say, learn one very very  well, then, learn another to supplement a task for quick things.

This is just opinion, but I'd something like OOP + scripting. 

C++ + Python
Java + Perl 

Again , this is just an opinion. I hope others can add to this, but to be honest, learn one very well, to pick up the other will be easier if you're 100% solid in one.
+1 Tatrasiel R · April 25, 2015
It is. I am not talking about learning OOP and not OOP. I am talking about learning about learning something to take care of the crazy boss's  demands and something for a larger real project; A scripting language and a full fledged language.

Again, this is just opinion.
+1 Tatrasiel R · April 23, 2015
Well if you're making games, then C++ is great! Also most c++ devs that I know switch back to Java or to C++ fairly quickly.
0 Christopher Howard · April 25, 2015
I thought Python was OOP?
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