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+1 Sumukha Aithal · April 23, 2015
            I started a new project in Android Studio just to practice some little tricks that Bucky showed in his initial tutorials(up to tutorial 9). But as soon as i start a new project this is what i get on my system screen:- (Software is up to date) Thanks in advance


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+1 sam liu · April 24, 2015
Cool~Thanks ,Guys. It did work for me!!!
0 Radost Chipeva · April 23, 2015
Hello, try this!
In Preview mode change click on the little android icon and change the API to 21. Then wait for it to render and you are good to go. For some reason there is a problem with 22.
0 Sumukha Aithal · April 24, 2015
Thank you very much. The trick worked :) I took a little time in finding those things so im attaching here a picture how to do it:

Make sure you are in activity_main.xml file and it is in TEXT mode. On the right top-middle side you will find Preview button, press it you will see or little Android symbol make him show no.21 :) It will render and you are all set.

0 Radost Chipeva · April 24, 2015
For some reason my screenshot didn't upload. I'm happy you got it from my bad explanation :)
0 Sumukha Aithal · April 24, 2015
No problem, i guess it was my lack of experience which made me hard to find it, overall problem got fixed.That's all it counts. Thanks again :D 
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