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0 ariel bitan · April 22, 2015
how can I run an android app in android studio with my phone?
thank you! 

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0 ariel bitan · April 23, 2015
0 Nicholas Eason · April 23, 2015
Also, you'll need to enable USB Debugging on the Android Device.
0 Ian Arbuckle · April 23, 2015
The phone drivers should be installed automatically once you plug in the USB cable.
0 ariel bitan · April 23, 2015
how can I install phone drive?
0 Ian Arbuckle · April 22, 2015
You will need a USB cable and ensure that you have all the phone drivers install on your PC. When you done that, just run and compile it will give you the option to run via the phone. You may get a SHA1 dialog popup and just hit ok.
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