Anyone wanna make a game?

+1 Brian Dalton · April 22, 2015
My friend and I are looking to make a video game. We are just two people and for us two alone to make the game would take forever. Furthermore, only I am doing this UDK tutorial at this time, so that means It'd be only me creating content. Yes, if you help and we go big, etc. you'd have an equal share too.

Having said all that, we wanted to make a game that LITERALLY is a physical manifestation of "Power to the Players." We want realistic consequences, hard decisions, multiple choices, conversation options that ACTUALLY are what the options show, not a similar line. Etc. It's Futaristic, Sci-fi with a splash of survival, Open-world, and dystopia. etc.

If you are interested in helping us out, please email us at

We hope to see some of you there!

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+2 Barik Yusif · May 8, 2016
I am interested in joining email sent
+1 Mantas Nolife · June 26, 2015
Just asking, did you chose UDK as your engine of choice?
+1 James Harlowitz · June 7, 2015
Sure Ill email you as well
+1 James Griswold · May 28, 2015
I am as well sending email now.
+1 David Ferrell · May 27, 2015
I am interested, sent you an email. 8-)
+2 Kuroodo Ditory · April 23, 2015
Unreal Engine 4 is free!

Cmon man, you didn't bother to do research & also look at the first page of the forums you just posted in?

You gotta learn to research and keep your eyes open. It'll prove very useful in the gaming industry & when finding technology or things for your game or future projects.
+1 Brian Dalton · April 23, 2015
I chose UDK for now. I'll get Unreal 4 later, I just can't do a monthly subscription atm.+
+1 Kuroodo Ditory · April 23, 2015
Just asking, did you chose UDK as your engine of choice?

I suggest Unity5 or Unreal Engine 4 instead.
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