Best way to memorize code

0 josh mitchell · June 28, 2014
 what are your techniques are to memorize code?

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+1 Yoncho Yonchev · June 29, 2014
yeap, understand how it works and trying to rewrite the same without looking at :)
+4 Samuel Oloruntoba · June 29, 2014
Well Josh i feel that memorizing code is not healthy. Understand the language you are using, know what it's for,  Learn to write algorithm that would help you a whole lot more than memorizing code.

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+3 Samuel Oloruntoba · June 29, 2014
learning by doing, cool aproach
+1 Nivilus Vranck · June 29, 2014
I think programming is not so much about memorizing the code, but more about understanding it. And once you understand what the code does, it will be easy to memorize it.
0 Michael Barrett · June 30, 2014
yeah, if you're trying to "memorize code", you're doing it wrong.
just check the documentation whenever you're not sure how to do something. Try to make sense out of it. Eventually you'll use certain things very often and naturally remember them.
0 sam gar · July 2, 2014
For me the best way to memorize anything is to write it down in your notes, understand what you are writing down, and then practice some more. 
0 Chathula Sampath · July 3, 2014
as a programmer first you have to learn basic syntax well.. then just try to remember the logic of the thing that you want to code.. you know the you can easily handle all the syntax as you want to success the program. this is the way how i learn programming.just try to be a master of one language first.(not like html,css :p i mean as a web developer PHP).like that.then you can learn any other languages very easily! :D
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