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0 Mirza Jaun · April 20, 2015
I am in the process of building an app that records a user's voice and then apply a sound effect to it, like different pitch ( but with same tempo ), distortion, robotic voice, etc... Obviously there are a lot of apps doing this so it is possible. I saw a tutorial on changing the rate which in turns changes the pitch, but that's not enough ( and it also changes the playback length anyway ). I know the best way to go is to dive into the NDK directly, but this won't be an option in my case. I looked at third party libraries like LittleEndian but the cost is much too high.
Is there some way to achieve my goal, for example using AudioTrack ( with which I know sound effects can be applied ). I looked around a fair bit and some people are asking fairly similar question for this to be done on Android, but I am yet to find an answer.
If no one has done it in Android, are there resources on audio manipulation I could use to create each sound filter myself?

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0 steven kitchener · April 20, 2015
This may be worth a look, I havent played around with it myself but i have heard that it is very easy to implement, once you get an understanding on how libGDX works.

If you dont know what libGDX is then basically  you can code an application once and then with little or no changes to the code create applications for different platforms. [HTML,Desktop,Android,iOS] 

Ive been using it for the past couple of months and im loving it. It takes a while to get used to how some of the things work but once you get your head around it i assure you that you wont want to code without it again.
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