thenewboston Official Holiday Calendar

+17 Bucky Roberts · April 20, 2015
Since apparently today was anti-NSA day here at thenewboston, I figured we might as well make a calendar (just in case we decide to have any more holidays we can keep track of them easier)

If anyone has any suggestions for holidays, post them here. Make sure to include your idea and a suggested date. Also, make sure that the holiday topic is something that all users are able to post things about and discuss  :)

Example Suggestion:
Holiday: Conspiracy Day
Date: February 29th
Description: Day to discuss conspiracy theories including 9/11, JFK, Moon Landings, and the  Illuminati. 

I will add all of the cool ones to the calendar and declare it an official thenewboston holiday  :D

thenewboston Official Holiday Calendar

24th -  Tuna Day

19th - Anti-NSA Day

1st -  Bacon Day
3rd -   Tiffany Alvord Day
31st -  Bitcoin Day

5th -  Movie Day
29th -  Moderators Day

5th -  Language Day (brag about how the language you are using is the best and everyone else sucks)

19th -  Memorial Day (remember and discuss great moments in TNB/BR history)

19th -  Music Day

1 -  Programming Jokes Day

4th -  Respect Wheatley's Authori-day
5th -  Respect Pere's Hammer Day

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+3 Pere Garau Burguera · April 20, 2015
I have some more: 

Holiday: Supreme Ruler day 
Date: December 28
Description: The day you thank Mr. Bucky Roberts for everything you want

Holiday: Moderators Day
Date: June 29
Description: The day you admire moderators work.

Holiday: Tuna Day
Date: February 24
Description: Share things to do with tuna.

Holiday: Respect Pere's hammer day
Date: December 5
Description: The day we respect Pere's hammer.

Holiday: Memorial Day
Date: August 19
Description: The day we remember and share things that happened at TNB/BR in the past

Holiday: October Programming Jokes Day
Date: October 1
Description: The day we all share programming jokes

Holiday: TNB stars Day
Date: April 5
Description: The day when we thank TNB stars (Bucky, Joby, Tim, Buddy...)

Holiday: Bitcoin Day
Date: May 31
Description: The day we talk about Bitcoin

Holiday: Music Day
Date: September 19
Description: The day we all share our favorite music
+1 Abdullah Nauman · April 23, 2015
Holiday: TheNewBoston Day 
Date: November 21 
Description: to celebrate the rebirth of TNB, the day that BuckysRoom, officially converted to TheNewBoston. 
+4 ♦Avishka RJ ♦™ · May 1, 2015
What do you think about this?? :D

Holiday: independence day
Date: May 28th
Description: No programming,No theories, We discuss about our personel experiences and life
+1 Arnab Banerjee · May 3, 2015
Ya - June 29th My birthday
It's a moderators day///

ha ha ha ha . :P
0 Rehman . · May 3, 2015
What if i suggest "assign date to ideas" 
Which means on each date of every month we will have conversation on that topic.
The only flaw to this idea is we will ran out of dates in a month but we can think over it maybe we can assign multiple ideas to one date of the month.
How about that ?
+2 Mr. Computer · May 4, 2015
Wow i Have so many Ideas :D

Holiday:  Kristen Stewart Day
Date: August 25
Description: The day we post picture and videos of Mozamel's girlfriend 

Holiday:  Not Moderators Day
Date: May 25
Description: The day we RESPECT ALL USERS OF TNB! :D
+1 Batman L · May 16, 2015
Holiday: Kate Upton Day
Date: May 17
Description: The day we share photos of Kate Upton and discuss the 2 reasons why we love her.
0 Jonas Meise · May 25, 2015
Holiday: "Jonny is awesome!" day
Date: February 6
Description: Celebrate my birthday ;)
0 Rohit Buddabathina ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ · July 4, 2015
Holiday: Joke's Day
Date: July 11
Description: The day we share some joke's to make TNB users happy and  laugh
0 Bernhard Riemann Georg Friedrich · July 6, 2015
1st October is so far away, I need to change my scope to find it...
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