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0 Arira joseph · April 17, 2015
Am ving problem with eclipse running my program. On running, it tell me build path error. Need some help thanks

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0 Dol Lod · April 18, 2015
Rule 1: Use Intellij instead of Eclipse. 

Rule 2: If on Windows, set up the JAVA_HOME variable to point it towards your jdk. 
0 Nicholas Eason · April 20, 2015

He should also change his operating system.

I also heard that if you change your OS to Linux that Eclipse works 100% of the time. This may be the solution to end all problems.
0 Dol Lod · April 20, 2015
@ Branislave,

Have you even used Intellij?  It is like Eclipse, but ten times better. It is also supported across all platforms.

When using Intellij, all errors are usually simple to solve. It also gives you a lot more flexibility in supporting specific versions of Java. God forbid he develop C or C++ code on Eclipse and get unreachable code without any detectable errors.

Additionally, I did suggest a real suggestion for fixing the build path. Usually that is a problem on Windows. 
0 Dol Lod · April 20, 2015
For common use with regular Java, you can use Intellij community which is FREE. 

What exactly he is using Eclipse for is unspecified. That being said, I do keep a copy of Eclipse on my computers in case I do want it. 

That building path issue is not necessarily related to Eclipse alone. It could be more general with all Windows comptuers. 
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