What is the specialty of Python?

0 Dol Lod · April 17, 2015
To clarify, what does Python do in particular that makes it better suited for a particular task over languages like C or C++. The only thing I have found is that it is a scripting language and may involve less code overall.

 However, I can't think of a strong enough reason to choose Python over C/C++ or Java code. I don't want to write a program in Python only to get experience in writing in Python. 

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+1 alex constantin · April 17, 2015
Also, it handles basic memory management by itself
0 Tatrasiel R · April 17, 2015
Python rules in a few special areas. One Python will out perform superbly in time VS product. I can push out a script that produces a desired effect in less than an hour. Whereas , in C or C++ I am looking at least an hour for a pseudo product to be made.

Also because of the above, Python is great in the area of security. I can have a network sniffer up in minutes! Good luck doing that with C++. I can craw a my site looking for vulnerabilities or test it against SQL injection using SQLmap(python).

Python does very well in plugins .

Python is also in the math/ data display department as you can again put in a bunch of simple math and have it all displayed for instantly and dynamically.

All the languages you mentioned above aren't meant for companies with crazy bosses that demand a report on 10,000 + nodes in an environment.

The list goes on, but ultimately think, time VS product. do you need a POC now ? Does your boss demand something now?

I am not knocking C++ or C , but know the right tool for the right job!
0 Eyeshield Rosalin · April 18, 2015
Now I know some stuffs :D
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