What are the Best Books on Linux?

+10 Bucky Roberts · April 16, 2015
Just got done reading this.


It's awesome for beginners who want to learn about Linux. Props to the author on making everything clear and understandable. It also covers other stuff like the basics of networking, basic shell scripting, etc... 


If you guys know of any good Linux related books, please share!  :)

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0 James long · November 18, 2016
Well for Chinese people ,???linux????is a good choice maybe
And the website is that
0 Jemaine Brown · August 10, 2016
I'm not always a fan of books when it comes to learning something that involves commands and code. What Bucky suggested is a good book for beginners getting into Linux. This book is also good: https://www.amazon.com/Linux-Complete-Reference-Richard-Petersen/dp/007149247X
Video tutorials are awesome for learning basic concepts.

However, when it comes to actually using Linux, I always prefer learning online from blogs and other websites. Sometimes it's just easier and more productive to copy a line of code then retype it from a book or video. I usually read the blog of my hosting provider https://www.rosehosting.com/blog and I always contact them when I screw something up.
0 Linux Forever · November 2, 2015
Books I found Useful-





0 Afnan Chowdhury · October 10, 2015
Linux for beginners is a great book. Here is the link:

0 Brandon Jay · October 8, 2015
Unix and Linux Visual Quickstart Guide. Fifth Edition. http://www.amazon.com/Unix-Linux-Visual-QuickStart-Edition/dp/0321997549
I bought this book from my university book store and found that it's incredibly easy to follow. It has full color pages and images and its broken up and formatted in such a way that you can easily refer to it for a quick refresher on whatever topic you need. I'd highly recommend for beginners who want to grasp the basics and concepts of GNU/Linux without a completely daunting wall of text.
0 Joseph Fidler · September 16, 2015
I honestly looked up my solutions on the internet. The different communities around really helped me get into it and stay. Ubuntu was my gateway distro, though.
0 Colonel Panic · August 10, 2015
Everything I have read from "No Starch Press" is extremely good.  I love the format they have. 

The LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 books from SYBEX are pretty good to.  Real in-depth
0 Brandon Milton · August 7, 2015
Can't go wrong with the classics. The Unix Programming Environment, found here:


I learned a ton from this book.
0 Benny Lindwall · June 14, 2015
I read Linux For Dummies when I wanted to learn more of the basics for Linux... came with a old version of Redhat at that time( pre 2000 )
0 Kenneth Oshiro · May 11, 2015
Rebel Code is a pretty good book about the history behind Linux. It's more for entertainment than learning, though. 
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