Course CERTIFICATES! Thats life changing :)

0 Moroni Lemes · April 16, 2015
Wasup, Bucky. I, as thousands of other people, love the way you teach and structures this website to be a repository of worlds knowledge. That is really remarkable.

As I am advancing in learning here, I also am doing They are powerful and started doing high level lessons with Certificates for everyone concluding the lessons... Now they added support to learning and are charging people US$ 200,00 a month in order to get the same certificate previously free. That may not be a lot, but you know... most of us are still broken while learning stuff... And that pays for a good college here in Brazil... (I just cant afford two colleges at the same time...)

My suggestion is for you to add at least a simple quizz at the end of a course, or distribute step questions between the lessons with a final test... If you charge, let's say US$5-15 I would probably pay for every interesting course I take... That is good for my resume, good for 'thenewboston' brand and will bring an extra good money other than google adsense to finance projects and usual costs. If you are willing to to id for free, wouldnt be bad also.

The stuff we learn for free here is putting bread in a lot of tables around the world. Thanks a lot for all the dedication!

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0 Moroni Lemes · April 17, 2015
I started adding my study here on LinkedIn anyways :D
0 Dave . · May 6, 2015
{potential new boss} "I see here on your resume you have the Bucky Roberts MySQL Certification.... Sounds like CRAP to me"


Sorry humor

It would be interesting to see how a Bucky Roberts Certification would work out. The tutorials are good at a basic level but are they really certifiable?
0 Dol Lod · May 7, 2015
No, I wouldn't claim anyone to be certified after watching tutorials. I watched tutorials on Python, put it on my resume, but I think if I actually had to code Python, I might fail ...

These tutorials serve as an introduction to how to use the basic features of languages. The more advanced topics are not always covered. Don't get me wrong: I love the tutorials, but anyone who thinks they are fully certified after only watching tutorials with no projects involving the language of a tutorial should seriously reconsider if they actually know what they are doing. These tutorials teach syntax only and are incredibly helpful in learning how to use some of the features in the language, but there are limits to how much you can learn from just theory in programming.

To really learn a language, you have to do projects, not just simply learn syntax. It's when you actually start working on projects that you really start to learn the language. 

If you really want to prove you are certified, write or do a project in a particular language and paste that on your resume. Your project would speak for itself and offer solid proof that you know the language to potential employers.
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