Problem with txt to php file

0 Dimis Tsarouhas · June 27, 2014
Hello Guys,I just started to watch your videos about php, everything went well till the time i created a txt file.I named this file myfile.php as the video tutorial ,but after that is still remains a txt file..Can you help with this ?I would be thankful...
Here's the tutorial:">

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0 Dimis Tsarouhas · June 28, 2014
Thanks for help,
It works now , but now i have to face a new problem..
I downloaded a php editor to open myfirstfile.php, i'm writting some code and when i execute this, says that it needs an interpreter.
Have you any idea for that one?
I want so much to learn php but in every step i make i have to  face new problems!
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